During my time as a UCSB undergrad, I've been fortunate enough to experience a variety of editorial work. During the summer before my freshman year I began at the Daily Nexus as an illustrator before becoming Art Director. That first year as an artist I learned about the most effective ways to communicate ideas through images, and what types of leadership skills work best with artists. After working on the Nexus for two and a half years I joined Isla Vista's arts & culture magazine: WORD. There I learned how to collaborate in group projects and to realize and share a vision. There, I met talented writers, photographers and designers who I brought into my largest project out of these four years: The Catalyst Literary Arts Magazine.

The Catalyst

The Catalyst is a unique student-run collective that produces an interdisciplinary design & writing course, music and arts related community events, an online blog, and a submission-based free quarterly publication open to all UCSB students. The magazine features both submitted and commissioned original student art, writing, and collaborative projects.

Read issues 1-5 online: The Catalyst Literary Arts Magazine or view press coverage for Catalyst.

In the nature of the project, we raised our own funds through grassroots campaigning as a creative alternative to repeatedly asking student finance boards for funding. We just recently had a successful kickstarter campaign which raised $10,223 for printing next year! Find out more about our campaign and our message by watching this video.

Take a look. All original student art & writing.

Natalie O'Brien

Here's Ali with her first published story. I couldn't wait to get my hands on this piece.

Natalie O'Brien

Photographer Lorenzo Basilio always knows what to look for.

Natalie O'Brien

Distributing Issue 3, my personal favorite at our first event of last year.