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Serena Williams sketch, for the BSTRO 2016 Olympics social campaign

View live video illustrations here. Commission

100th Centennial Anniversary stamp for Diablo county, CA

Commission Commission

Mock-up, Stanford Tower


Commission: Logo Art for Musician Evan Blum.

Line work was done by hand with ink & brush. Coloring done in Photoshop.


Art for The Catalyst VI (2015)

speak volumes

Art for Spectrum Journal (2015)

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Art Director, Illustrator: The Catalyst Literary Arts Magazine 2013-Present

The following illustrations are published in Issue III.

Nexus Nexus Nexus Nexus

From Issue V

speak volumes

Speak Volumes Media, 2014

speak volumes speak volumes

Speak Volumes Media, Spring 2013. By fall 2013 Speak Volumes was already throwing incredible events in Isla Vista and downtown, building a community around a prolific online music blog, and producing a beautiful CD-sized ‘zine. One year working with this team yielded a lot of collaboration and overlap on our projects. I was comissioned by founders Dylan Chase and Mariah Tiffany to design and illustrate a limited edition cover, used in a marketing plan carried out Spring 2014, and worked with Chase to create the “Bitter Hipster” character. In the true grassroots spirit, we worked side by side to carve our brands into Isla Vista. Through social media outlets, design, word of mouth, special events, and collaboration with local businesses, we were able to promote both interests. I helped with publicity, press, and endorsements, and they contributed to The Catalyst. Now, as is my continuing goal, people trust in the Speak Volumes brand that they will get a unique, DIY experience. Because this is an entrepreneurial venture, the founders of Speak Volumes have created Out of Body, now based in Los Angeles.

word 2013 word 2013

WORD Magazine - Isla Vista's Arts & Culture, 2013 UCSB

I took the WORD Magazine interdisciplinary course fall, 2013 to become more involved with the arts culture in Isla Vista, California. There, I was fortunate to meet talented writers, designers and artists who continue to collaborate. This cover is my concept, design, and painting. The positioning and styling of the photograph was Murphy Quinn and Mariah Tiffany. We had to budget the materials, agree on a plan and schedule, and access campus resources and equipment such as the photo room in the art building. The photo spread was based on a legend I was told while in Alaska back in 2010. The story was not planned to go in, and very last minute, but I am relatively happy with the result. Unfortunately I no longer have the magazine, or photos from the spread, but I was able to access these. The project took a total of 6 hours of painting, shooting, and set design. The back painting on the cover is meant to tie in with this series, inspired by the connection between human and animal forms in Native American mythology. The interactions formed between animals and animals to humans in these stories cause us to examine both the harmful and synergistic effects these relationships have on the planet. We wanted to inspire the residents of Isla Vista to be conscious of the wildlife that surrounds us, and to realize that animals are aware of our presence too. Top photo courtesy of Mariah Tiffany.


Illustrator & Art Director: The Daily Nexus, UCSB

I started at the Nexus the summer before my first year as an illustrator. I tried to do more than one drawing per week to stay in practice. Four years blew by!