Writing As an Art form

Writing Background: BA in English & Minor in Professional Writing, Multimedia Communications

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In the way I view the world, text and image blend naturally. Everything is multimodal, multidimensional and multimedia. Even with a divide--a picture-free book for example--our minds are constantly shaping images to bridge that connection. Before studying writing I'd imagined working in the visual arts. It's no wonder that my studies focused on the visual and sculptural qualities found in literature. I hope to continue this crossover in writing with art, creating art in response to writing, and finding the visual world within a concept and conveying it.

The Professional Writing & Multimedia Communications Background:

A major difference between academic writing and multimedia writing is the presence of the visual, or the fact that it is a multi-faceted, or collaged product that must be made of components arranged in a synergistic, functional way. For someone working with multimedia, it is important to stay conscious of the visual aspect in regard to flow, clarity, and general accessibility to the target audience. One of the strongest elements of my writing process is the visual influence as a source to generate a consistent theme. Even in academic writing, I tend to relate ideas visually and spatially on the paper when mapping it out. Multimedia writing is now my preferred type, since it allows me to draw everything together to make the best possible alloy. I believe that when combined, ideas become memorable and concepts come to life in our every day existences.

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The Catalyst Issue 4, Winter 2015

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The Catalyst Issue 3, Fall 2014


A Recent Favorite, unpublished.

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